Centurion trailer 2

Someone in charge seems to think this movie can do something.  At first it looked like it was going to be quietly released and no one would ever hear about it.  But now it has a new trailer and a new poster and it’s actually looking like a real movie.  Now, if it can just avoid the Wal-Mart bargain bin.

Still a great cast.  Michael Fassbender is quickly becoming an A-list, go-to actor.  He’s going to be huge in a couple of years.  (Those Band of Brothers boys just keep on popping up.)

This trailer is a great example of how title cards should be made.  (A bad example is Clash of the Titans).  In this trailer the words flow with the action, it’s not jarring or annoying.

Click on the poster to watch the much improved trailer.

From the Official Site.

– izi

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One Response to Centurion trailer 2

  1. This movie is worth a watch. I liked it

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