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The Losers trailer

This is like the appealing version of the A-Team.  The A-Team never really appealed to me (hence the lack of the trailer on this blog), this on the other hand mannages to actually be funny and be innovatively actiony.  Plus … Continue reading

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Buried teaser

Remember that scene from Kill Bill volume 2 where The Bride gets buried alive in a coffin.  Let’s try to imagine an entire film about that.  I’m not claustrophobic but it’s making me squirm just thinking about it. This is … Continue reading

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Machotaildrop trailer

There has been a severe lack of trailers as of late.  For a while there I was overloaded, now I’m running out of trailers to post.  I’m still waiting for a real Airbender trailer, a Jonah Hex trailer and a … Continue reading

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Red Riding trailer

I’m not a huge fan of horror movies or cop dramas.  But I really respect what these film-makers are doing, releasing a full trilogy of films directed by three different people.  Pretty clever.  So while I probably won’t see this … Continue reading

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Kick-Ass trailer 2

Kick-Ass is looking better and better.  It looks exactly like the comic.  I’m loving these new scene for scene comic adaptations.  I don’t know why it took so long to figure out they could do that.  And it always works, … Continue reading

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