Come see the About Me section in my main blog Not Confused Just Lost.  I apologize for the concentration on Lost there, someday I will write another about me page.

2 Responses to About

  1. Mint says:


    I miss reading NCJL more than I miss LOST itself. Trailer Tracker just isn’t the same. Have you given any more consideration to doing another show-centric site? Something current? Or even something on DVD?
    I want to have a show where the best part of a really great (or really awful!) episode is reading what you wrote about it the next day!
    I hope you will!

    • izikavazo says:

      Really? That’s nice to hear that someone misses me. I’ve thought about doing it with some of the cable shows I watch now, shows like Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Walking Dead and/or Mad Men. Occasionally I consider it, but it’s a lot of time to invest. I don’t know where I got that time from back then. If I could do it and get paid I would, but it was a hobby that started to take over my life. There are some other great reviewers out there. Myles over at http://cultural-learnings.com/ is a god. His reviews are exceptional. And I’ve been spending a lot of time at http://io9.com/ it’s my new favorite site. http://www.avclub.com/ is a good place for good reviews too.
      Sorry that I haven’t been around. I miss all the great fun we had in the comments sections of NCJL.

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