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Avatar trailer

I figured it out!  I figured out why people have been so standoffish about supporting this movie.  It’s the Uncanny Valley.  I won’t pretend that I knew much about this crazy theory, I heard about it in a 30 Rock … Continue reading

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Green Zone trailer

Here’s an odd one.  This is a movie about an elite, rogue soldier fighting against his own government and uncovering multi-layered conspiracies.  It stars Matt Damon and is directed by Paul Greengrass.  I won’t be the first person to say … Continue reading

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The Prisoner trailer

The Prisoner looks like a movie; it has an extremely high quality production value, it stars two talented movie stars, it has an epic scope; but it’s really a mini-series.  This miniseries is brought to you by AMC the dark … Continue reading

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The Wolfman trailer 2

This trailer is far more exciting than the last one.  Obviously all the good things about the last one are still here, the awesome cast, the beautiful sets and the fact that the writers and the director didn’t sellout.  It … Continue reading

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Bunny and the Bull trailer

I can’t explain this trailer, please don’t ask me to, I just want you to watch it.  Supposedly it’s a movie about a guy who remembers a road trip he took last year.  It’s not actually flashbacks of the trip … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3 trailer

Toy Story was a big part of my childhood.  I was raised on Disney movies, and I was 7 when the movie originally came out, pretty much the perfect age for a movie like this.  Anywho, we’re on to the … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things Are tv-spots

I don’t usually post TV-Spots on this blog, there are usually just too many, and if I start posting them I might never stop.  Plus they’re usually just shortened versions of the trailer.  Buuut, Where the Wild Things is going … Continue reading

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