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Exam trailer

This is a one room movie.  Apparently the entire things happens in this one exam room.  That puts a huge amount of pressure on the acting and the script, and I love it.  Directors have to have a lot of … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3 trailer 2

The first movie that made me cry was Toy Story.  The most recent was Up.  Pixar knows how to get me.  (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button made me cry the most though, that was rough.)  I’m 100% sure that … Continue reading

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Daybreakers trailer 2

Now that we have a brief respite between Twilight movies let’s take a look at a good vampire movie.  This trailer isn’t too different from the first trailer, but that’s alright, probably you never watched that one anyways.  Here’s the … Continue reading

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The Last Station trailer

Oscar bait.  That sums up this movie.  I’m sure it’s a good movie, but you don’t hire Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer and Paul Giamatti without the Oscars on your mind.  Also the fact that it’s about the drama in Leo … Continue reading

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Youth in Revolt trailer 2

This is pretty much the same as the first trailer.  And I’m excited in the same half-hearted way.  I just miss Arrested Development so much that any movie with actors from the show gets me excited. This trailer reveals a … Continue reading

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Greenberg trailer

Ben Stiller rarely motivates me into seeing a movie.  Even though he is in my favorite movie (guess what that is) and he did quite good in Tropic Thunder, I still don’t feel the need to see any of the … Continue reading

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief trailer 2

This movie is looking better and better.  I’m still not excited about the American setting, but I’ll live with it.  The cast is looking great.  Uma Thurman looks pretty outrageous.  I don’t look forward to Pierce Brosnan’s transformation.  Rosario Dawson … Continue reading

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