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Frozen Planet trailer

This trailer doesn’t really fit in, but these series are so consistently awesome that I don’t feel bad posting it. From YouTube. – izi

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Carlos trailer

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Mildred Pierce trailer

I always miss out on these HBO movies and mini-series, and later hear about them at the Emmys.  But for once I’m ahead of the game. This is an upcoming five part mini-series set in the depression starring Kate Winslet … Continue reading

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The Pillars of the Earth trailer

This is a miniseries based on the book.  I’m quite thrilled about this.  Not only did they cast this mini-series wonderfully, but they let it be a mini-series instead of hacking away at the story and making it into a … Continue reading

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The Prisoner trailer

The Prisoner looks like a movie; it has an extremely high quality production value, it stars two talented movie stars, it has an epic scope; but it’s really a mini-series.  This miniseries is brought to you by AMC the dark … Continue reading

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