Snow White and the Huntsman trailer

Uh… that’s not what I was expecting. There are two Snow White movies currently rushing to release this summer. I was betting on the other one, it’s being directed by Tarsem. It’s also a more literal, family-friendly interpretation (I assume). Anywho, this one looked weak up until now. It does have a pretty amazing cast, and it doesn’t hurt that Charlize Theron has that collar and a bunch of crows. That’s not actually the best thing about this movie. The best thing is the great actors they’ve cast as dwarves. They’ve got Ian McShane, Eddie Marsen, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, and Toby Jones. I hope they manage to turn this into a trilogy so that we see more of them.

From Apple.

Via io9.

– izi

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One Response to Snow White and the Huntsman trailer

  1. Carling says:

    I know I was not expecting it to look this good

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