Drive red-band trailer

This trailer starts out pretending to be a one-note movie. But then the awesomeness just starts piling up. First of all we start out with Ryan Gosling who is finally making movies that humans want to see. Then Carey Mulligan strides in to give the movies some more quality cred (I’ll admit that she has appeal to other people, I just don’t like her crooked face). Brian Cranston, yay (small yay). Oscar Isaac, Albert Brooks(!) and Ron Perlman show up. Good villains, all. And then…. wait for it… my favorite part: Christina Hendricks struts up. Here’s what I’ve been waiting for, Christina Hendricks to be in a real movie. Sure she’ll probably only be in it for two scenes, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’m excited about a movie about cars that isn’t about the cars. It looks like this movie has an actual story that isn’t extremely glossed up or gritted down. I’m excited.

From YouTube.

Or try IGN.

– izi

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