Damages season 4 teasers

The song in this teaser is annoyingly bad. I get that the lyrics make sense, but that’s not enough of a reason to include it. If Damages has one problem it’s the style. There are times when you can tell that the writing staff is getting too far into craziness of the plot and the taste level drops. But if that’s the only problem with this show (and it’s the only one I can think of), then there’s not much to worry about.

This show is still amazing. I’m looking forward to getting my mind blow again this summer. Thank god the show is off FX. I was constantly worried that it was going to get cancelled.

I think people are going to start finally recognizing Rose Byrne now. I’m consistantly surprised when people don’t know her. She’s had a very impressive career full of very big movies: Star Wars Episode II, Troy, Sunshine, Marie Antoinette. But now that she’s been in X-Men and Bridesmaids I think she’ll start getting some respect. I hope it helps the ratings of this show… do DirectTV shows even have ratings?

Oh yeah, John Goodman. That’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to see Glenn Close dominate him.

From EW.com.

There are two other similar teasers on Youtube: teaser 1, teaser 2.

– izi

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