The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn trailer

I’m a little bit of a Tintin freak. I loved reading the comics when I was a kid and I watched the TV show whenever I had the chance. When I heard Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson wanted to make it into a trilogy I was thrilled. Then they started casting and there were countless exciting actors added to the film. It slipped my notice that they had decided to film the movie with motion capture. When I did realize this I wasn’t too worried. It was Tintin after all. That combined with all the talent… what could go wrong? Then they started releasing pictures. Subconsciously I think I noticed that there was a lack of faces in the screen captures, Tintin’s face specifically. Now here’s the thing, motion capture is undoubtedly amazing technology. At the same time Robert Zemeckis’s attempts (The Polar Express, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, Mars Needs Moms) have been terrible. I’m aware of the uncanny valley thing, I don’t think it’s as prohibitive as other people say. But despite all I just said… Tintin’s face is wrong.

I am still excited about this movie. The directors are great, the writers are great, the cast is great. I am fully prepared for the film to crash and burn in the box office. If it does then at least I’ll have one Tintin movie. I desperately hoping that it doesn’t die in theaters, but the American public rarely comes through when I need them to.

From YouTube.

These next two are slightly different.

Or try Apple.

Or try Yahoo.

– izi

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