Immortals trailer

In some ways I’m a little disappointed with this trailer. I kind of worship Tarsem. The trailer for The Fall was (very purposefully) the first trailer I posted on this blog. This trailer at times thrills me. The costumes and characters designs are magnificent. The gods look extremely interesting. That scene that looks like a painting is literally breathtaking. But in other ways it’s very discouraging. Mickey Rourke being cast just for the sake of having Mickey Rourke isn’t exciting. 300 was good, but I expect better than that from Tarsem. This movie shouldn’t be “from the producers of 300”, that means nothing. I’m not saying “from the director of The Fall” would work from a promotional point of view, but can’t we let the movie stand on its own?

From Apple

Or try Yahoo.

Via io9.

– izi

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