Game of Thrones trailer 2

Finally we have a poster for this show. I hate having to use promo pictures, they just look so out-of-place on the blog. It’s a pretty great poster too. The Iron Throne is an amazing set piece.

The first shot in this trailer is of The Wall. Wow! Hearing it described in the books is one thing, but seeing a 400 ft high ice wall is crazy.

After that they go on and on about “passing the sentence” and “swinging the sword”, it’s important, but it’s also in every trailer for this show. But after that it shows the White Walkers. I didn’t see that coming.

Then we see all of Eddard Stark’s family. First there’s his wife, bleh, I hate her; Arya, my favorite; Sansa, I think we’re supposed to hate her; Bran, the little one, what a cutie-pie; Jon Snow, Eddard’s bastard; and finally Robb Stark, the oldest and most boring of all Starks.

Then there’s a tour of the other characters Tyrion Lannister, the conniving midget. Jaime Lannister, the powerful older brother. Queen Cersei Lannister, the Queen… she’s a handful. King Robert, he’s a fool and a half. Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen, the ridiculously blonde, exiled children of the last king. Khal Drogo, he’s Conan, but on a horse. LittleFinger, the king’s ass-hole.

There are more characters, way more, but they’ll be shown later in the show and they’ll probably get their own introduction.

You know how in Lost the characters always split into two groups and had two separate adventures? In these books the characters are only really together for a brief time in the beginning after that they get completely separated and they all have their own separate adventures. It’s an interesting way of doing things.

From YouTube.

Or try EW.

– izi

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