Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides trailer

I’m maddened by people who heap hatred upon the Pirates of the Caribbean series, especially the people who say that the last two sucked compared to the first one.  Pirates of the Caribbean is based on a ride in Disneyland.  It stars Johnny Depp as a cartoonish amalgamation of all his prior roles.  People went to the theater to see that and they expected an amazing story full of subtlety?!  And the first one wasn’t even that good.  Watch it again.  The second two didn’t sell out, there was nothing to sell.  These movies were big budget popcorn movies, don’t pretend they were anything more than that.

And here’s another one!

Johnny Depp has way too much fun playing Jack Sparrow.  How could he not want to come back for this.  And it looks like Penelope Cruz will be good too.  The only time I’ve ever liked her was in her last movie with this same director.  Ian McShane was genius casting.  Pirates of the Caribbean has some of the best villains I’ve ever seen.  I’ll be missing Bill Nighy, but we still have Geoffrey Rush, I don’t think we could fit them all in this movie.  And the character design is pretty ridiculously great too.

From Yahoo.

Or try YouTube.

– izi

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