Black Swan trailer 2

This movie just leapt past Tron Legacy as my most anticipated movie this winter.  It is looking mighty fine, and from everything I’ve heard it’s going to be very crazy.

I just love the way Aronofsky films things.  It’s a kind of extremely unsubtle subtlety.  He let’s you see something, and you think you’re clever for figuring it out then out of the corner of your eye you see that it’s all just a trick and then he hits you over the head with the theme.

From YouTube.

– izi

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2 Responses to Black Swan trailer 2

  1. Duncan says:

    Just read your comment on io9 about Toronto. Is there a reason you feel bad for me, creative person stuck in Toronto? Have you ever been to Toronto? The art scene here is huge and vibrant and easily could stand up to any city in the world. We have a relatively small population compared to cities like new york, Tokyo or London but relatively there is more opportunity space and actual artists then those cities. Why you gotta rag on my city izi

    • izikavazo says:

      Haha, kinda creepy that you followed me here, but I’ll let that go.
      It’s just Canadian rivalry/jealousy. I’m from Vancouver in some ways I feel that Vancouver is superior, but there are other things about the city that make me crazy jealous. Toronto gets all the exciting stuff. We’re left with the dregs.

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