The Social Network trailer

So here’s the full trailer for The Social Network.  When I first heard about this movie I rolled my eyes and moved along.  I was also very disappointed that David Fincher was wasting his time making movies about the internet.  Same goes for Max Minghella.  (This was during a news cycle when people were announcing that they were making movies based on Monopoly and X-Men reboots.  I wasn’t thrilled about much that week.)

So I dismissed this movie as a waste of time and watched a million other trailers.  Then they started releasing those teasers and I realized that David Fincher is no fool, he wouldn’t choose make a movie unless it was about something that mattered.  Facebook does matter, sure I hate it, but it changed the internet.  And there was a surprising amount of drama behind the scenes.  Also this movie had to be made quickly.  Much like anything to do with Facebook, people will only care about it for a few seconds.

About the stars.  I don’t like Jesse Eisenberg.  He seems to be the only young Jewish actor around these days… sigh.  His fast-paced line delivery and bad posture drives me nuts.  Oh well, he’ll probably do a good job.  (But honestly, he’s never even tried to change his voice or mannerisms in any of his movies, and he’s done a huge variety of movies.)  Andrew Garfield, now there’s a name you know.  He’s the new Spider-Man!  I hated Tobey Maguire with a vengeance, so anyone new is good.  As for this guy… I’m reserving my judgement for a few more months.  Justin Timberlake.  Why can’t this guy get roles like this all the time?  He’s a funny guy and not a bad actor.  Then there’s Max Minghella, playing the bad guy, awesome.  He’s got a flare that no one can beat.

Click on the poster to watch the trailer.

From Yahoo.

– izi

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4 Responses to The Social Network trailer

  1. Dave says:

    “He seems to be the only young Jewish actor around these days… sigh. ”

    Say what?!? What about Logan Lerman, Zac Efron, Joseph Gordon-Levit, Anton Yelchin, etc. They’re all Jewish. Oh yeah, and Andrew Garfield, who co-stars in this very movie (The Social Network).

    You have got to expand your horizons here.

    • izikavazo says:

      Haha, sorry, I was sarcastic. I’m tired of Jesse Eisenberg getting all the good leads when there are far better choices out there.. for example all the people you mentioned.

  2. Dave says:

    But you have to admit he was born to play this particular role. I mean, he really looks like Mark Zuckerberg.

    • izikavazo says:

      That’s true. Although I think Mark has a goofiness about him that Jesse doesn’t. But I guess he was probably going through a bit too much drama to have a lot of fun.

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