The Pillars of the Earth trailer

This is a miniseries based on the book.  I’m quite thrilled about this.  Not only did they cast this mini-series wonderfully, but they let it be a mini-series instead of hacking away at the story and making it into a terrible movie.  The book was very, very long, and it looks like this miniseries will do a good job of including everything.

On the other hand… I don’t really know why they chose to make Ian McShane look like the main character in this trailer.  If I was asked to explain the story I might even forget to mention his character.  I think of Philip (Matthew Macfadyen, top-right) and Jack (Eddie Redmayne, bottom-left) as the main characters, maybe Tom and Aliena too, but less important.  I hope they haven’t changed anything too much.  (Honestly though, just casting Eddie Redmayne was enough to get me to watch it, he is exactly the person I pictured when I read the book.)

Click on the poster to watch the trailer.

From YouTube.

Or try Starz via BSC.

– izi

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