Network TV trailers – NBC

All the networks are advertising for their new shows that will premiere in the fall… or anytime after that.  I don’t really want to create posts for every new show, they don’t deserve that.  But I’ll happily separate it by network.

First up NBC.

You can find them all here.

Love Bites

Love Bites is not my kind of show, but I found myself smiling while watching the trailer.  But I don’t think the trailer did a good job explaining the format.

The Event

The Event has quite an amazing talented cast list, people like Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood, Laura Innes (great hair on her, btw) and Zeljko Ivanek are incredible actors, but I don’t think any of them will attract viewers.    Yeah the story seems very hard to follow.  I still don’t know what’s going to happen.

The Chase

After I started watching In Plain Sight I wondered why there weren’t more shows about Marshalls.  And it’s true, they have amazing lives and careers.


Hmmm, J.J. Abrams just created two well-rounded main characters, that’s new.  I might give this show a chance… but only after it’s renewed for its second season.


Sadly, I just want Outsourced to be canceled.  I’m very content with the two hours of comedy that I have on NBC, another half hour comes along and somebody is getting screwed.  Oh yeah, and if it’s cancelled soon enough the Parks & Rec can come back sooner.  (I will watch it though, that’s never helped a show stay on the air.)


It doesn’t stand a chance.

The Cape

I don’t really see what they were going for with The Cape.  It seems like a massive fail.  (And it really just makes me wish they would make an Ex Machina tv show.)

Harry’s Law

David E Kelly tried to pitch a show to NBC last year and they rejected it… think about that, NBC rejected a show from one of the most prolific creators ever.  You would think he would be pretty sore about that.  But he went back to them.  I would totally watch this show.  I like his crazy characters and Kathy Bates is pretty great too.  (And Paul McCrane!  With both arms!!)  Hopefully James Spader comes by at some point.

Friends with Benefits

I am extremely unimpressed with Friends with Benefits.  It’s going to crash and burn.

Perfect Couples

Perfect Couples might actually be funny.  I hate the setting, but there were a lot of good lines.  The Waitress is in this show, strange.  And I don’t really know any of these actors or actresses, but they seemed pretty good.

Oh yeah, I’m probably going to only watch two of these shows: Perfect Couples (for one episodes, unless it’s great) and The Event (but only if other people watch it with me).  But at least you know about a whole bunch of new shows now!  Yeah… go you!

– izi

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