Network TV Trailers – CBS

I haven’t wanted to watch a CBS show in… literally forever.  All I watch is Survivor.  We’ll see if anything changes.

All the trailers are here.

Hawaii Five-O

Well this is fun.  A remake, with a good story and a good cast.  These four characters and actors are great. I’m really looking forward to this.  And that theme song is the best.

Mike & Molly

Wow… I didn’t think they would ever make this show.  Poor Swoozie Kurtz, I hope this gets canceled so she can get on a good show.  And that laugh track!  It just kills me.

Blue Bloods

A crime show starring a mustache.  I’m in!!  (sarcasm)

$#*! My Dad Says

How are they going to advertise this show?  It’s based on a Twitter feed, pure insanity.  I like William Shatner, but not this much.

The Defenders

Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi are both cursed.  This show will last seven episodes.

I’m going to watch Hawaii Five-O.  And you should too.  It’s going to be pretty great… I hope.

– izi

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