Network TV trailers – ABC

And now it’s ABC’s turn

All the trailers are here.

No Ordinary Family

Eww, Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis.  That’s gross.  I hate them both so much.  And it’s the Incredibles, except just not good.  “I don’t want new abilities.  High-school’s hard enough as it is.”  I can’t believe they actually got that girl to say that.  Whew.

Better Together

I didn’t watch the whole thing.  The laugh track ended it for me.

Mr. Sunshine

This show could be good.  Matthew Perry can be funny.  Allison Janney is very great though.  I think I could watch anything with her.  And this trailer is pretty funny.  It’s kinda like a Pushing Daisies mixed with Grey’s Anatomy… ugh, that made me like it a lot less.

Happy Endings

Well at least it doesn’t have a laugh track.  There were some very funny moments.

The Whole Truth

Nice try people.  They think they can show both sides of a court case.  It sounds great, but it’s not sustainable.  And it’s filmed very strangely, it looks like every set is filled with smoke.

Off the Map

Again I commend the fools behind this show.  It’s cool that they wanted to try something new.  But it’s just Private Practice in the jungles… of LA.

My Generation

This trailer is very misleading, but I’m kinda intrigued.  And I know quite a few of these actors and actresses, they’re pretty great and this show could actually let them act.  I hope they drop the heavy-handedness, but if they do I could watch this.

Detroit 1-8-7

All these True Blood actors on ABC are getting distracting.  First Isabel, then Eggs, and now Miss Jeanette.  It’s weird.  This show thinks it’s The Wire… but it’s not.

Body of Proof

I like Dana Delany.  I have no idea why, I kinda always did.  I guess the medical examiner thing is new but I don’t really think this show’s going anywhere.

I guess I’ll watch Mr. Sunshine, for as long as it’s on.  And I’ll give Mr Generation a chance.  I might watch Happy Endings is someone else tells me I should watch

– izi

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