Machete Illegal trailer

This might not actually be a red-band trailer, but there is swearing and a fair bit of blood.

This is a Robert Rodriguez movie, and seems like this it’s cross between Grindhouse and his El Mariachi/Desperado movies.  Of course it feature’s Mr. Rodriguez’s penchant for subtleness, with scenes like Lindsey Lohan wearing a nun outfit wielding a gun, Cheech Marin as a priest with the shadow of a cross on his head, and of course the final scene with Danny Trejo riding a motorbike out of an explosion with a gatling gun.

I’m extremely surprised by the cast, mostly Robert DeNiro.  That guy is expensive.  If I didn’t know better I would say this movie was pretty cheap to make, but Robert DeNiro costs $20 million+. The other actors are a lot of fun, it was clearly cast to look like a B-movie.  Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, Cheech Marin, and Jeff Fahey all stand out as pretty bad actors.  Or maybe they were going for a Nash Bridges vibe.

Click on the poster to watch the trailer.

From AintitCool.

Or try YouTube.

– izi

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