The Last Airbender trailer 2

This is actually the third trailer, but the second trailer was barely different from the first trailer and the Superbowl spot.

Appa!  We finally get to see Appa.  And look at all that bending.  There are some amazing effects in this trailer.  Those dragon things the Fire Nation ride, I didn’t expect to see them… ever.  It looks like they may have replaced Avatar Roku with his own dragon, not the end of the world.  Avatar-State Aang looks ceerazy, I’m glad they didn’t go with the large blue salamander thing (they still might have that thing).

At the end of the trailer they throw out the huge “In 3D!” thing.  Don’t believe it.  It will be released in 3D but it wasn’t filmed in 3D it’s one of those short-notice 3D-ifications.  Do not go see this movie in 3D.

Click on the poster to watch the trailer.

From Apple.

Or try YouTube.

– izi

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