The Last Airbender TV-spot/trailer

If you’ve been following this blog then you probably know that I rarely post TV Spots.  They’re usually just shortened versions of older trailers, and most of the time there are a dozen different TV-spots for each movie.  But this is an exception.

This is the first trailer we’ve got for The Last Airbender.  This movie should actually be called Avatar: The Last Airbender, but you can guess why it wasn’t.  It was based off of the first season of a cartoon by the same name (the Avatar name).  The cartoon was absolutely wonderful.  If you have 10 year old children I highly recommend you let them watch this show.

When the casting for this movie was announced last year there was a huge kerfuffle about how white-washed the cast was.  Shocking stuff, a Nickelodeon cartoon created by two white guys featuring a very white voice cast being produced by white guys in a predominantly white country cast white kids for the roles.  What’s wrong with them?  Don’t they know how well movies with all Asian casts do in America?  It’s like they were blind to the success of some the most successful films of all time, films like… uh… Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon… and that other one… The Joy Luck Club.  You can see my point.  It’s an unfortunate truth but it is the truth, the movie wouldn’t have found financing with an all-asian cast and it would have had a chance of being a box-office success with an Asian cast.

This trailer looks very exciting, the effects are amazing, I wouldn’t have thought they’d have them that polished looking this early.  This probably doesn’t matter to anyone who hasn’t watched the cartoon but many of these scenes are very similar to scenes in the cartoon.  I’m excited.

Click on the poster to watch the TV-spot.

From UGO.

– izi

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3 Responses to The Last Airbender TV-spot/trailer

  1. Carling says:

    Im sooooo excited for this movie. I watched the whole cartoon series from begining to end in a weekend. I was worried about the bending and if they could make it look good. After seeing the trailer it looks like they did really well. My only other worry is the cast and if these kids and act.

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