Iron Man 2 trailer

At times I forget that Iron Man is just an action movie.  This trailer should remove any doubt from my mind.  And it looks like Tony Stark is going to be quite unlikable in this one.  I’m sure he’ll get knocked down a few pegs by the combined strength of Whiplash, Black Widow and Justin Hammer.

The cast of this movie is just amazing.  Mr. Favreau did a mighty good job.  Sam Rockwell and Robert Downey Jr. are perfect adversaries.  Mickey Rourke is perfect as an aged crazy man with too much time on his hands.  And my favorite part of the cast is the replacement of Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle, that makes me so happy inside.  I think what makes this cast so great is the age of the stars, these people aren’t particularly young, at times it seems like superhero movies cast really young actors, or at least young looking actors and it’s hard to take them seriously.

Click on the poster to watch the trailer.

From Apple.

– izi

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One Response to Iron Man 2 trailer

  1. missscarlett says:

    I still haven’t watched the first one, but I like Mickey Rourke. Kinda.

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