Robin Hood teaser

This is a new version of the old legend.  I have no idea what the story is now, it’s changed so many times now.  It’s about Robin Hood that’s all that matters.  It’s directed by Ridley Scott (YAY!), and it stars Russell Crowe (awkward silence), and Cate Blanchett (YAY! again!).  Originally Maid Marian was supposed to be Sienna Miller, and while I love her, I didn’t want to see her get involved with Russell Crowe, that would have been awful.

Honestly, I’m not too excited about this movie.  In wish it had been a sequel to Kingdom of Heaven.  That was originally Ridley Scott’s plan, but that was a long time ago, and many things have happened since then, most notably Kingdom of Heaven bombed.  (If you’re wondering why I liked Kingdom of Heaven then you need to do yourself a favor and go watch the Director’s Cut of that movie.  The original cut made no sese and was too Orlando Bloomish.  The Director’s Cut is amazing.)

And Mark Strong is in this movie too, he’s everywhere.

Click the picture to watch the teaser.

From Apple.

Or try Coming Soon.

– izi

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