Nine trailer 2

This movie is looking very good.  I wonder what’s going to happen at the Oscars this year.  When Chicago was nominated and won almost all of the Oscars back in 2002 people were shocked.  I was happy, but I wonder if people will give this movie much of a chance.  To say it’s similar to Chicago is an understatement, it relies on most of the same sets, costumes and characters.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I loved Chicago, but I hope everyone else remembers how good it was rather than how it didn’t deserve the Oscar.

Regarding the casting, I just heard some really unfortunate news.  The role that went to Nicole Kidman was originally supposed to go to Catherine Zeta Jones.  That would have been better.  I’d rather watch Chicago than Moulin Rouge, any day.  The rest of the cast seems quite good.  Kate Hudson stands out as the most American, least versatile of all the actresses (I don’t count Fergie as an actress), that could be why they gave her this trailer.  About Fergie, you have to admit that she was cast well as a dirty whore.  I hear that Penelope Cruz is going to mask her accent for this movie to make it more Italian.  I’m thrilled, I hate her real accent.  Marion Cotillard is likely going to do the best in this film.  I believe that because she looks like the least assertive out of all these women but you know she’s going to have the best voice and probably be the most likable.  If you saw Public Enemies you know how good she is.  That movie is full of ridiculousness, but she was amazing.

Click picture to watch trailer (still no poster for this movie):

From Yahoo.

– izi

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