Kick-Ass teaser

This teaser really misrepresents this movie, or at least the comic-book.  I’m not saying this is a bad teaser, but there’s no doubt that the movie will be significantly more gory and hard-core.

But on to the story.  This is based on a very, very new comic book series about a teenage kid who is bored and depressed (what a unique teenager) so he decides that he should become a superhero.  Things don’t go well, he get’s destroyed.  This comic doesn’t hold back, it may at times look like a comedy, but when people are getting beat-up or killed it doesn’t edit anything.  I hear that the movie does the same thing, and I hope that’s true.  But until we get a red-band trailer we’ll just have to hope.

Click poster to watch teaser.
(Check out all the character posters for the movie here.)

Kick Ass 01

From MySpace.

Or try Coming Soon.

– izi

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2 Responses to Kick-Ass teaser

  1. carling says:

    Yah the trailer dosen’t do it justice. At comic-con we saw scenes from it and they don’t hold back at all. Its going to be hilarious and pretty harsh.

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