Clash of the Titans teaser

When I was quite young I rented the old Clash of the Titans movie (it released sometime close to Star Wars).  I expected it to be a classic campy fantasy movie.  It was pretty awful.  I’m all for old-fashion special effects, but come on.  It wasn’t the classic it was made out to be.  This version looks better.  Granted this trailer is nothing more than a testosterone filled Hollywood version of a music video, but I’m sure the movie will be better.  It’s undoubtedly a big budget action movie, but it has some serious talent and shouldn’t be ignored as a 300 copycat (although that wouldn’t be the worst thing, 300 was a lot of fun).

And yes, I rolled my eyes too when the line “Titans Will Crash” came on the screen.

Click on the picture to watch the trailer (there are some awesome posters out there, but they haven’t offically been released yet).

From Yahoo.

Or try Coming Soon.

Or try YouTube.

– izi

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