Sherlocke Holmes trailer 2

For some reason it seems like people are losing faith in this movie.  The excitement level has gone down fast.  Regardless, I’m still excited.  We have to remember that this is a Guy Ritchie movie, he has so many twists planned that he’s probably only showing us clips from the first quarter of the movie.

One thing that I was confused about in this trailer was Rachel McAdams accent, she seems to be a full blown Canadian in the film.  Interesting.  She probably could have managed a slight accent, we’re already going to have to listen to Robert Downey Jr. the whole film.  How bad can she be?  Anyways, the cast looks quite good.  I still don’t know who Mark Strong is, but that hardly matters.

Click poster to watch trailer.  (Check out Mr. Downey Jr.’s hair in this poster.  Someone went to town on it.)

Sherlocke Holmes 02

From MTV.

Or try Coming Soon.

– izi

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One Response to Sherlocke Holmes trailer 2

  1. MaryMac says:

    Her American accent wasn’t the problem, it was that it was completely contemporary. There was no effort made to help her sound as though she was from the same period as the setting of the film; nor was there thought given to who she *was* dialectically speaking. How much school had she had? Was she from the upper,middle, or lower classes in the States? All of this would have informed her dialect. Instead, the filmmakers did this actress the great disservice of not tending to her sound in the least. Pity.

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