Salt teaser

Salt is an interesting movie.  I starting having doubts about it when Tom Cruise dropped out of the project and Angelina Jolie was recast in the lead.  Objectively that should be good.  I don’t like Tom Cruise and I do like Angelina Jolie, but it concerns me that a script can be so casually and drastically changed.  Beyond that craziness this film looks like some simple, mindless fun.  It doesn’t look as bad as Wanted, but it’s hardly going to be one the most exciting movies next year (for me).  I do want to know what happens, and I guess that’s the point of the trailer.  By all accounts it looks like she’s quite guilty, but that’s going to be pretty hard to sustain throughout the whole movie.  There have got to be some serious twists.  We shall see.

Click the picture to watch the teaser (it’s almost a full trailer).

From Yahoo.

– izi

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