Caprica trailer

First off, this is a trailer for a TV show.  Now that more than half of you have left the site we can begin discussing this show.

I’m extremely excited about this show.  It is the prequel TV series for Battlestar Galactica.  Supposedly it’s going to be a more intimate drama as opposed to BSG’s epic drama.  The pilot/mini-series has already aired and been released.  It was quite good, an unnecessary amount of nudity, but it’s forgivable.  The show is about the creation of the Cylons (well, some of them) and the ancestors of some of the characters from the main series.  Battlestar Galactica was an outrageously good TV show, I had lost some appreciation for it but after a friend of mine rewatched it I was reminded of how epic it was.  This show won’t be quite as great, but it’ll still be good.  And there are a few members of the cast that I love.  Magda Apanowicz was great in Kyle XY (honestly, she was the only person on that show that wasn’t over-acting).  Also Polly Walker is in the show (hilariously I always get her mixed up with Molly Parker).  Polly was great in Rome.  This role doesn’t seem quite as powerful as her role in Rome, but I’m sure she’ll make things complicated.

Before you watch the trailer you should be warned that it has a truly awful voice over, and it contains spoilers about the mini-series.

Click poster to watch trailer.

Caprica 01

From SyFy Aintitcool

– izi

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