The Road trailer 2

I actually never posted the original teaser or the first trailer for The Road.  I have been keeping track of this movie, but it’s just taken sooo long to come out.  It was supposed to come out last fall, but apparently someone didn’t have confidence in the movie.  So they delayed it until March or something.  Now they’ve regained confidence in the film and it’s being released this fall for the next Oscars.  Here’s hoping this doesn’t happen again.

I tried to read this book.  My cousin insisted that I read it, she said it was extremely emotional.  So I gave it a try.  I didn’t get far.  I can handle tragedies, they’re great, but I guess I need poetic tragedy.  This apocalyptic, unending tragedy is just too much.  So I didn’t get through the book.  I still want to see the movie.  I figure I can handle an hour or three of sadness.

Click poster to watch trailer.

The Road 01

From YouTube.

Or try Movieweb.

– izi

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