The Attic Door teaser

I’m slowly catching up on my trailers.  I watch a lot of trailers and make a lot of notes about which ones I like.  I try to post them as soon as I watch them, but at times I watch unfinished trailers, some without posters, some without titles.  And then I forget about trailers.  This is one of those trailers

This movie seems to be a western about two little kids who are abandoned on their little homestead.  Quite awful, kinda like the Blue Lagoon… but way better, and without the awkward sex. Also there seems to be something behind the attic door.  That should probably add to the tension.

I’m quite sure that I won’t enjoy watching this movie.  As I recall, the portion of Babel where the kids are alone in the desert almost killed me, that was way too stressful.  This is a movie all about that.  It’s going to be rough.  I still want to watch it, but it’s definitely going to be an experience.

I just wanted to add that the scene where the parents are driving away (presumably) and the kids are chasing.  That was beautifully done.

Click poster to watch trailer.

The Attic Door 01

From YouTube (or embedded on the Official Site)

Or try Vimeo (or embedded on the Official Site)

– izi

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