Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time trailer

This is another attempt by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer to create another Pirates of the Caribean type franchise.  This is probably their best bet.  This one is based on the series of games.  The games have always been very popular and for good reason.  Ubisoft has never let the game get old.  They keep on refreshing the series.  The newest game was totally different, light on story, but heavy on style.  This movie seems to have borrowed the style from the newest game and the story from the best game.  The trailer explains the story, it seems quite different from the game, but that’s not a bad thing (there are more humans in the movie).

The cast seems quite good.  I was very concerned when I heard that Jake Gyllenhaal was going to play the prince.  But once they started releasing pictures of him my worries were gone.  I was very excited when I heard that Gemma Arterton was playing the other lead.  I loved her in James Bond, even if she was only in for a few seconds.  Ben Kingsley will make an interesting villain, hopefully he doesn’t overdo it.

Click poster to watch trailer.

Prince of Persia 01

From MySpace.

Or watch a shorter version on YouTube.

– izi

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