Cracks trailer

Very interesting stuff.  Cracks is a new movie directed by Jordan Scott.  Never heard of her?  Probably you’ve heard of her father, Ridley Scott.  Those are some big shoes.

But on to this movie.  It looks like a lot of fun.  I loooove Eva Green, she could just glare at the screen for an hour or two and I’d pay to watch.  This movie is about a boarding school with a very influential teach, played by Eva Green.  The girls are completely devoted to her and she to them until an Spanish exchange student comes in and steals all the attention.  You’ll probably understand the story better once you actually watch the trailer.  The operative word about this movie should be ‘intrigue’.

The acting looks like it’s going to be very good.  Eva Green is always good, and it’ll be awesome to see her as a delusional villain.  Juno Temple has an infinitely interesting face, and mix that with that crazy hair and she looks like a very fun character.  This new Spanish girl is amazingly beautiful.

Click poster to watch trailer.

Cracks 01

From YouTube.

– izi


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