The Prisoner trailer

The Prisoner looks like a movie; it has an extremely high quality production value, it stars two talented movie stars, it has an epic scope; but it’s really a mini-series.  This miniseries is brought to you by AMC the dark horse that brought you Mad Men.  And following AMC’s recent pattern, it’s sure to win all the awards at the Emmy’s next year.

It’s supposedly a remake of an old BBC mini-series.  I know nothing of that.  The story appears to be a very familiar sci-fi story.   A regular man wakes up in a dystopian society lacking in emotion and with an emphasis on conformity.  I don’t know which sci-fi fallback I like more, dystopian nightmares or robotic uprisings.  In the end they’re both the same, they both have a twist at the end (or in the beginning), and they both have slightly tragic compromising endings, but I think the dystopian version allows for more creativity.

Anyways, back to this mini-series.  These two actors will be a lot of fun to watch, they’re both extremely good actors (poor Mr. Caviezel will always be known as Jesus).  The locations look beautiful.  For some reason that balloon looks quite exciting.  I have no idea how it fits into the storyline, but it looks interesting.

Click poster to watch trailer.

The Prisoner 01

From YouTube.

Also, check out the Official Site.  I can’t find the trailer on it, but it’s full of goodness.  All Official Sites should be this good.

– izi

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  1. missscarlett says:

    This looks brilliant!

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