Where the Wild Things Are tv-spots

I don’t usually post TV-Spots on this blog, there are usually just too many, and if I start posting them I might never stop.  Plus they’re usually just shortened versions of the trailer.  Buuut, Where the Wild Things is going to be my favorite movie this year so I’ll make an exception.  Also there have been an extraordinary amount of TV-Spots for this movie.

And just for the fun of it I’m going to post the rest of the Where the Wild Things Posters.  Apparently a lot of people have used my blog to get posters, that’s fine with me (probably it isn’t fine with the other sites where I get the posters from.)

Click on the posters to go to Warner Bros. Official YouTube page.

Where the Wild Things Are 03Where the Wild Things Are 05Where the Wild Things Are 06Where the Wild Things Are 04

TV Spot 1

TV Spot 2

TV Spot 3

TV Spot 4

TV Spot 5

TV Spot 6

TV Spot 7

TV Spot 8

– izi

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One Response to Where the Wild Things Are tv-spots

  1. leah says:

    only two more days! 1,2!! TWO!

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