The Secret of the Kells trailer

I would never have found this trailer if it weren’t for Twitch, my favorite indie movie blog.  They had a great interview with Tomm Moore the director of this film.  (It’s worth checking out Twitch just to see all their awesome banners.)

This is a ridiculously good looking cartoon from Ireland.  It’s distributed by Beuna Vista International, I don’t really know if that’s Disney or not, but that’s nothing but a stamp of approval and a budget so it hardly matters.  I can’t find a lot of information about the movie, there is a lot of ambiguity.  It’s sometimes called Brendan and the Secret of the Kell, and I have no idea when it’s coming to North America, or if it already did.

I shouldn’t actually say this because it’s sure to jinx it, but wouldn’t it be great if this movie was nominated for the animated Oscar.  It’s better than Monsters Vs. Aliens getting nominated.

Anywho, click the poster to watch the trailer.

The Secret of the Kells 01

From YouTube.

Or try the Official Site.

– izi

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