Summer 09 Recap

September has been a very, very dull month for trailers.  So to make sure no one forgets that I’m here I’m going to repost some of my favorite trailers from the Summer.

The Last Airbender 01The Last Airbender teaser

Avatar was a glorious TV show.  If you have kids aged 5-12, or if you’re a normal person aged 20+ you should buy these DVDs (I’m not a fan of teenagers, so don’t tell them about this show).  The show has an amazing story that was told in a totally uncompromising way.  The show never sold out, changed styles or veered off track.  A lot of the credit should go to the two white guys who came up with the concept and wrote the show.

Inglourious Basterds 02

The movie, on the other hand, might not fair so well.  I’m not talking about the racial controversy that surrounds the casting, I have no problem with the casting.  Personally I would have made the Fire Nation Chinese, but Aang was always white and the Water Nation was definitely Inuit (there aren’t any buzz-worthy young Inuit actors out there though so white kids were the next best choice).  Honestly, I would have been significantly less excited about an all Asian cast.  If it was all Asian cast the movie would never had a chance of success (or a budget) in America.  If it didn’t get $100 million plus in the box office we would never see the sequel and that would be much worse.

Inglourious Basterds trailer

Whip It 01

I really enjoyed this movie.  But not for any of the reasons they gave me in the trailer.  I loved the Shoshanna parts of the movie.  The Basterds parts were at times funny, but the violence wasn’t really entertaining or light-hearted like it was in Kill Bill, so it kinda ruined the movie.

Whip It trailer

This movie comes out very soon.  I’m very excited.  It’s almost like the new Charlie’s Angels.  If you know me you won’t be surprised to hear that I was a big Charlie’s Angels fan.  This group of girls seems like a lot more fun than that group.  Let’s just list the cast for fun because I just love these girls: Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, Marcia Gay Harden, Eve, & Kristen Wiig.  You can’t beat that.

Alice in Wonderland 1

Alice in Wonderland teaser

This was probably the most exciting thing that came out of Comic-Con this year (unless you’re a 13 year old girl the it was all ooooh Robert Pattison is so mysterious.. the word is simple girls, Robert Pattison is simple).  There’s no doubt that this movie will be insanely trippy and fun.  The casting is superb, not just Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, but Red and White Queens, Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum and even Alice.  I’ve discovered that as long as I don’t let myself dwell on the fact that it doesn’t follow the original story at all, I’ll enjoy it.


Dorian Gray trailer

This was a big surprise.  I had no idea that a remake of Dorian Gray could be this good.  I had watched the production news about this movie for some time but after the initial casting rumors I lost interest.  Don’t get me wrong, the cast is terrific, but after they cast the movie there was no news for years.

This trailer did a lot to get my interest again.  So don’t forget about this movie, eventually it will come to North America.

A Serious Man 01

A Serious Man trailer

How do the Coen Brothers make movies this fast?  Two totally original movies in two years, not to mention No Country for Old Men.  This one looks just as funny and dark as Burn After Reading, and I’m sure the Hasidic comedy will be glorious.  And I’m loving this cast.  I only recognize one or two actors in this huge cast, and that’s great.  They could have made it an ensemble like Burn After Reading, but I doubt that would have made the movie any better.

Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer

Fantastic Mr Fox 01

The second trailer just came out, but I think the first trailer will be the more memorable one.  I think this movie may have shocked many of Wes Anderson’s casual fans.  It’s easy to love a Wes Anderson movie starring Owen Wilson, Bill Murray and the such, but it might be harder to love a movie starring a skinny fox and a rotund badger.  We’ll see if he manages to gain a few younger fans or whether he will just cull his casual fans.

Where the Wild Things Are trailer 2

This is my favorite movie of the year.  I can’t say that enough.  This is my favorite movie of the year.  This isn’t the first time that I’ve based my love for a movie on a trailer and a premise, and I haven’t been wrong yet.

where-the-wild-things-are-01My childhood was one of the best times of my life, and although I remember a lot of books from that part of my life this one stands out.  The slight creepiness of it and the escapism was just perfect.  I’ve repurchased this book so many times for children that are related to me that I’ve lost count.  It’s a must-read for little kids.  First it scares them and they don’t like it but they literally can’t resist it and they’ll kep on coming back for more.

So now Spike Jonze has made the movie based on the book.  It was totally made for people like me.  Nostalgic hipster-ish young people.  It definitely wasn’t made for kids (not intentionally) and most definitely not for bitter Gen Xers.  This movie was made for me.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus 01The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus trailer

I’ve become less and less excited about this movie.  I had a chance to see it at a local film festival, and I half-heartedly attempted to go to it, but I missed my chance and I hardly care.  The movie is still very interesting looking, but I know that if I go see it I’ll have no one to talk about it to.  Plus the title uses the word imaginarium, I love that.

Daybreakers trailer

Daybreakers 01here’s another huge surprise.  A friend of my mine with very questionable taste insisted that I watch this trailer and I’m very glad he forced me to.  The poster is just terrible, I don’t know why but they made it look like the Apocalypse Now trailer crossed with some cheap Halloween horror movie.  But please ignore the poster and find a great new vampire movie without all that pesky romance that seems to be surrounding vampires these days.

Gentlemen Broncos trailer

Gentlemen Broncos 01

This trailer took forever to get here.  The anticipation for this movie didn’t go down, but good god did this trailer take forever.  The trailer showed us what we expected to see and more.  Not only is Jemaine Clement hilarious, but Sam Rockwell looks like he ups the ante with his insane portrayal of the novels main character.  Also Jennifer Coolidge plays her usual character.  Sometimes it’s dangerous when Christopher Guest isn’t calming her character down, but I think she’ll fit well into this movie.

Avatar teaser

Avatar 01

Do you want to see what several hundreds of millions of dollars can buy you in special effects?!  Hopefully you said yes or else 20th Century Fox might assassinate James Cameron.

In all honesty I’m still excited about this movie.  A lot of people were disappointed with this teaser.  But I think if we step back and take our judging hats off we’ll find that it’s still going to be the most epic-est movie we will ever see with the best special effects since Star Wars.

The Men Who Stare at Goats trailer

The Men Who Stare at Goats 01I just finished reading this book.  Whew, the US military is an abyss where money is just thrown in willy nilly.  It’s crazy some of the things they’ve tried over the years, and it’s crazy that they’ve had any success.  This movie is going to be a caricature of what should have been a caricature.  The book is about the surprising and marginally funny facts about some of the wacky ideas that US military has had over the last 50 years or so.  It would be nice if the book was fictional or was an exaggeration, but it doesn’t seem to be.  The movie is going to take that book and make expand on those poor people who the author talked to.  It’s going to be too funny.  (Also I find it quite hilarious to see Ewan McGregor talk about Jedis.)

Agora trailer

Agora 02This is one of those movies that I get so excited about and I promote the hell out of, forcing all my friends to watch the trailer and at least pretend that they’re as excited as I am.  Then I take them to the movie and I go back to check how much it makes in the box office and I’m sorely disappointed to find out that it got less that a million dollars on it’s opening weekend.  (This has happened a few times.)

Regardless, I am still thrilled about this film.  It combines so much of what I love and it explores a historical site that is totally under-utilized in historic fiction or even in academic research.  Historically, this was a city that was the centre of all academics in the world.  Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Jewish and even Christian and Muslim Scholars flocked there at one time or another.  It was one the largest and most developed cities in the world at one time.  The scientists and scholars of Alexandria were so far advanced that they incurred the wrath of the Christians (that’s a good sign, just ask Galileo.)  And it was the center of huge controversies and wars.

This movie is about one of those conflicts.  This story is about the struggle between the Pagans and the Christians, and the academics in the middle of it all.  It will be an insanely epic tragedy, the best kind of tragedy.

– izi

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