Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer 2

I’m quite surprised that Wes Anderson released another trailer for this movie, that’s slightly unusual, it’s not like the first trailer was a teaser.  But that’s beside the point.

I’d say this trailer is targetted more at adults rather than kids.  Whereas the last trailer made the movie look kinda like a kids show, this one makes more complicated jokes and concentrates on the critical acclaim this movie has attracted.  The “cussing” joke was an interesting joke for a trailer, not what I would expect.  And that Pixar dig was very interesting.  I love Pixar to a ridiculous degree, therefore I don’t really know what they were trying to accomplish with that quote.  Were they implying that this movie is better than Pixar in a mean-spirited kind of way?  Or were they complimenting Pixar and trying to attract that kind of fan-base?  Weird.

If you go watch this trailer you’ll see two featurettes about the movie on the Apple site.  They’re quite interesting.  One is about Roald Dahl and the other is about how Wes chose to film the movie.  He’s filming in a kind of method directing.  Obviously he put a lot of work into the stop motion part of the movie, but apparently he didn’t want to record the voices in a studio, so he made the actors (well most of the actors) act out the scenes in different environments and he recorded the voices there.  Interesting idea, hopefully it sounds good.

Fantastic Mr Fox 01

From Apple.

– izi

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