Agora trailer

Agora’s looking like it’s going to be my second favorite movie of the year.  It’s a perfect storm of interesting things.  I am in love with all things Roman, Greek and Egyptian, naturally Alexandria is one of my favorite historical settings.  I love religious conflicts like the one in this film, and as a good Christian I naturally root for the Pagans.  The two stars are wonderful.   The Fountain is one of my favorite movies ever, and Rachel Weisz is a big part of the reason why I loved the movie.  She’s just so earnest and lovable.  Max Minghella looks like he’s going to be a good actor too.  Likely he’s always going to be referred to as his fathers son, but I think he’s going to be in some great movies in the future.

Click poster to watch trailer.

Agora 02

From Twitch.

– izi

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