Avatar teaser

Avatar is probably the most epic-est movie ever made.  James Cameron finally decided to capitalize on the outrageous success of Titanic and make the movie he’s always wanted to make.  This is that movie.  I honestly couldn’t care less about the story, what I care about is how it looks.  This looks to be the most beautiful movie ever made.  It has the most impressive effects work ever.  And it’s all in 3D.  I know 3D has been around forever, but only with a budget like this one will 3D be seen to it’s full effect.

[UPDATE: Empire posted a wonderful scene-by-scene analysis of the trailer.  Check it out here.]

Click poster to watch movie (and don’t be afraid of the blue skin, it won’t hurt you to have a little sci-fi in your life):

Avatar 01

From Apple.

Or try Twitch.

– izi

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