The Lovely Bones trailer

This is a Peter Jackson movie.  I’ve been very concerned about this movie for quite some time.  It was announced years an years ago, after King Kong was made.  I had my doubts about Peter Jackson making anything that resembled a modern drama.  I don’t know why but I figured he couldn’t handle normalcy.  After seeing this trailer I think I can put aside those doubts.  He definitely didn’t aim for a normal setting.  It appears as though this is an intense drama with some serious fantasy elements.  I think this story will be very hard for the general public to accept, having a film partially set in an amazing looking after-life will be hard to fathom.  But I’m sure most of you, those of you with good taste, will be able to accept the unrealistic with the realistic.

On a side note, they got two very emotionally intense actresses in this movie, Susan Sarandon and Rachel Weisz are amazing actresses, and I’m sure they’ll get me crying.  The girl who plays the main character is also quite good.  I obviously haven’t seen her in a lot of movies, but she was good in City of Ember and Death Defying Acts and I hear she was good in Atonement.  Mark Wahlberg was an interesting choice, I hope he doesn’t go too over the top with his performance.  He was actually a second choice, Ryan Gosling was supposed to play that role.  And then there’s Stanley Tucci, he’s going to be freakifying.

Click picture to watch trailer.

The Lovely Bones 01

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– izi

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