Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer

This is the newest Wes Anderson movie.  It is a departure from his from his usual style of…well, live-action films.  Wes Anderson is by far my favorite director, the Royal Tenebaums is my favorite film, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m looking forward to this movie.  Plus it has a great voice cast, I know that’s almost a given but this one is very good.

I encourage everyone to give this movie a chance.  I know it’s been a long time since many of you have watched a stop-motion film, but they are still good.  If you’re still concerned then I encourage you to rent, buy or steal A Nightmare Before Christmas.  That should restore some confidence in the medium.

Click picture to watch trailer.

Fantastic Mr Fox 02

From Yahoo.

– izi

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2 Responses to Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer

  1. This looks brilliant!

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