I love movie trailers.  Every few weeks or so I’ve been sending emails to my friends telling them to watch trailers that I find.  This hasn’t been especially efficient.  I wanted to find a better way to distribute all the new trailers I find.  So here it is, my new WordPress blog: The Trailer Tracker.

I intend to post many different kinds of trailer, primarily movie trailers but I want to spread out into TV show and Video Game trailers too.

This blog isn’t just for my friends though, it’s for everyone who is tired to scavenging the internet for good trailers.

For the first few weeks I’m going to build a bit of an archive so there won’t be a lot of new trailers up, but rest assured once I get going this site will be updated constantly.

On a side note I have another WordPress blog called Not Confused Just Lost.  In which I analyze the TV show Lost.  It’s great fun and I’ll be referring to it often.

– Izi

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